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When is Camp ?


May 30 - June 2,  2024.  (Thursday - Sunday)

Where is Camp ?

Day 2 & 3

Day 1 & 4

Arvada Fire Training Center: 6651 Indiana Street, Arvada, Colorado

West Metro Fire Training Center: 3535 S Kipling Street, Lakewood, Colorado

Where do you stay the night?

Colorado Christian University

Who stays with the girls?

4 mentors keeping a 4:1 camper:mentor ratio

How many campers are chosen?


How are campers chosen?

Primarily based on short answer response in application

Can they drive their own car?

No. Transportation will be provided by Camp Staff in Department vehicles.

Can my daughter attend with an early/late Birthday?

Campers must be 16-18 at the time of camp

Where do I submit additional forms or paperwork?

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